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✨{One Night Changed Everything}✨

Written by ✍️ Izna_Crown_Mercie🦋🧡




~Dawn’s POV~





🥀Two Weeks Later🥀

I sigh as I close my locker and turn back to see Matt coming out of the janitors room with his girlfriend of course, they probably went there to do something. Something that couples do.. something that I don’t want to hear or want to know.

I shake my head before turning back and taking the long hallway that leads to the garden within of course, my novel clucthed tightly to my chest.

After the party two weeks ago, I have learnt my lesson about partying and getting drunk and I’m never doing such a stupid thing in my life ever again.

I can’t believe out of all things that could have happened. I had to lose my virginity to a stranger. God! I’m so fucking ashamed of myself and the guilt eats up at me anytime I think about it.

I’m sure that my parents would be so ashamed of me wherever they are. I have allowed a guy to touch me without getting married and not just a guy, a stranger that I know nothing about.

A stranger that I can’t remember his face nor do I know his name. I have allowed him to touch me without even knowing what the hell I was doing.

I’m so fucking dumb to have ever got drunk in the chest place.

My chest tightens as I think about the day again but I’m quick to shake the thought off my mind and I continue walking down the hallway with my head hung low.

Dawn. The ugly quiet gurl that’s always seen with a novel who apparently just lost her innocence to a stranger.

God! My life couldn’t have gotten any much more worse than it already is right now.


“Hey, are you alright?”

I raise my head to look at Bryan standing above me and I smile before nodding.

“Yeah I am. Thanks, what are you doing here, I thought you guys would be at the cafeteria.”

He shrugged and takes a seat next to me before staring down at the novel that I’m reading.

“Naughty by nature,uh?”

He smirks at me and I chuckle, rolling my eyes at him before nodding slowly.

“I just wanted to see you. I mean I wanted to know where you are. You didn’t show up at the cafeteria again today and although,I know that what happened had made you always act like that. Always wanting to be alone but again, these last few weeks, you seem even more uptight than before. I’ve noticed it so you don’t have to lie about it.”

I smile before letting out a deep breath and staring ahead at the sky. It’s so blue.

“You know. I used to have a crush on you.”

I mutter out of the blue and when I turn to look at him, his brows are raised with his eye slightly widen and I nod my head in confirmation to my word.

“I mean. When we had first met after middle grade. You had grown so much and I couldn’t help but to feel attracted towards you but I did anyways…”

I don’t know why I’m saying this but I would say it’s a time to distract him from the questionnthat he’s asking me. A question that I don’t even want to answer. That I’m not ready to answer. And apparently,it seems to be working because he isn’t talking about it anymore and his whole focus is on what I’m saying.

“I never knew that.”

He whispers and I nod once again.

“I’m very good at hiding things and besides, I discovered that it was silly of me to have having a crush on someone that had been my friend for almost the entirety of my life so I forgot about it. ”

“Well, I never did knew about that and to be honest with you. I did found you attractive the first time I had met you after the many years that we had been apart. ”

He says and I slightly raise my brows as I turn back to look at him with my eyes widened and he nods his head to confirm that he said.

“Wow. I really can’t believe that you just said that. So we both felt attracted to each other.”

I chuckle and he nods before staring at me in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable.

‘I want to do something and I don’t know if you would be angry with me for it but I need to do it anyways. ”

I raise my brows at him to ask him what he’s talking about and in one dwuft quick moment that happened so fast I didn’t even had time to comprehend or to think about what’s about to take place and what he’s about to do, he pulls me closer to himself and did something that almost took the breath out of me.

He kissed me!


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