[Story] A Night With A Billionaire; Episode 02.

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{✨One Night Changed Everything✨}

Episode 02.


Dawn’s POV

“No Dawn. I’m not gonna allow you to wear a Jean and tank top to clubbing, do you think we are going to the movies or something? You are putting on a gown and that’s it! ”
Kira says as she paces across my room and open my closet, staring at my clothes to look for something I could wear to the club.

I look down at myself and I see nothing bad in what I’m wearing. It’s plainly a ripped Jean which is like one of the few Jeans I have and the tank top I’m wearing have a jacket over it.
It isn’t so bad but Kira sees something wrong in wearing this to a club.
She insists that I wear a gown, even though I would refer wearing what I’m in already.

“I don’t really think it’s necessary, it’s just to have fun and get out of there. ”
I groan. I have plan to just scale through most of the night, if Kira let me cause she’s always on my neck and I know she doesn’t mean that in a bad way.
Few of my novels are inside my bag in case I get bored there and I am taking my iPad with me also.
They can have all the fun they want and I will do my thing. As long as my presence is enough.
“I say you’re not wearing that to the club. I’m not gonna allow you to look like some sort of a church nun when you’re not. ”
She speaks from the closet and I sigh before staring at the wall.

She finally comes back and I stare at the dress she’s holding.
It’s a gold dress and it is stoned across it’s every fibre.
It’s a dress mom got me for my fifteenth birthday party.
I can still remember clearly the huge grin that was plastered across her face when I had flushed and told her I love it, immediately she showed me the dress.

I quickly shake my head to prevent myself from walking down that memory lane and breaking down again, like I have been these past days.. Years.

“I don’t really think I should.. ”
I start saying but she pushes the dress to my chest and pull me up, dragging me into the bathroom.

“Dress. We don’t have much time left. ”
I sigh before undressing and putting on the dress.
The material feels silky against my skin and I touch it, feeling it’s warmth around it before I turn to the mirror.

The dress hugs my body perfectly and I don’t look like a high school student, I look like a adult. More like a college student.
I still don’t like it despite how much I love the feeling of the dress around me.

I breathe out before staring down at myself, the dress stops at the middle of my thighs and the chest area tightens around me, pushing my chest more than it should.

I walk out of the room, feeling slightly uncomfortable cause it’s tighter than I remember and Kira eyes widens when I appear in front of her.

“Damn babe! You look so fucking hot. ”
She says when a cheeky smile while I merely roll my eyes.
I don’t want to look hot.. Not that I am anyways.

“I still will go with my tank top and my… ”
I stop talking when she glares at me and she chuckles before grabbing my hand and dragging me to sit down while she tries to do something with my hair.

After few minutes, I look at the mirror and my hair is in a better shape than it was earlier.

“Okay, almost done. I just need to put make up. ”

“No, you know I don’t love makeups. Don’t, let me just go like this. I think I have done more than enough for tonight. ”
I groan and she shakes her head.

“No, I want you to live your life like its the last day you’re gonna live. We are gonna be having a lot of fun and maybe act a little naughty. You should dress up pretty well, after all. It’s for one night anyways. ”
She winks at me before removing my glasses grabbing the blush and I nod to myself.

That’s right. It’s for only one night.
Just this one night for me to live my life like it had been before.
Just this one night for me to forget about everything that happened between these past few years and live like nothing matters anymore. Not that anything does anyways.

Just this one night for me to get out of my shell, shielding me away from the world and have fun.
Then after this night, I’m gonna return back to my shell.
Returning to being the quiet Dawn.

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