My Life Story; Episode 17

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I had lost the man I love, I’ve been tricked by my friend, I didn’t even know who I was anymore. It all seemed my whole life was falling apart before my very eyes. Other than the fact that we made a lot of noise, no one really cared about us. I picked my self up from the floor and walked away slowly. As I stepped outside, I felt a peppery sensation around my face, so I looked at my face in a mirror. Tiny fingernail marks spattered all over. It was obvious I had been in a fight.


I boarded a taxi and headed to Matthew’s hostel. I told myself that if I explained the situation to him and pleaded profusely, he would forgive me. My heart throbbed as I alighted the taxi. I took several unsteady steps towards Matthew’s room. I was thirsty and tired. The hostel was in its usual state, loud music and jobless boys strolling in their singlets and boxers. This time I paid no attention to their whistling and cat calls. I walked straight up the stairs towards Matthew’s room. I stood right outside his door, drew in a lot of breath and knocked on his door repeatedly, there was no response. I could hear some movements within the house, I knew he was in there. I called out his name, and the movement in the room came to a halt.

Few seconds later, Matthew opened the door. He wasn’t wearing any shirt, his boxers hung freely from his hips. He was sweating profusely. He planted himself at the doorway to prevent my entering. I looked down at the floor, and discovered a female footwear. I looked up at Matthew in disappointment. The look of indifference in his eyes tore my spirit. He was definitely with another girl.

“Matthew why? ” I asked coldly, with tears running down my cheek.

“Why? Okay lets see. I wanted to take you out this morning, but you said you were busy with school work. Only for me to find out you were doing my cousin” he replied mockingly.

“Its not like that, you are the only guy I have ever been with please believe me” I fell on my knees and intensified my tears, hoping to soften his heart.

“Really? If I didn’t catch you today I bet Ruth, you wouldn’t have told me the truth. You are a cheap prostitute, go and continue your runs, i’m through with you. I have replaced you” Matthew slammed the door close, leaving me helpless on the floor. I remained stationary for about five minutes, before I could get up and walk. I struggled to my feet and made my way out of the compound.


I had to go back to school. The ride back to school was exhausting, it felt like the longest ride I had ever been on. My whole appearance was a mess. I was dirty and sweating, with finger marks on my face. But I could care less. Different thoughts surged through my mind, I kept wondering what would change after today, as one fact had become obvious. I wasn’t the girl I used to be. Should I just go back to my parent and seek for forgiveness then continue threading the right path which I have been place through right from my birth. I was just clueless on how to approach things.

I arrived in school at the nick of time, the bell signalling the end of the break had just sounded. I rushed into the gatehouse to change quickly into my uniform. The gateman kept staring at me with a surprise look on his face. I dragged myself all the way to my classroom. Sarah was already seated, but Hannah was nowhere around. She looked at me with contempt and hissed. I couldn’t care less. I rested my head on the desk and slept off. My whole body ached. I had no idea how long I had slept, but a stray thought woke me up.

I hadn’t seen Hannah. I pinged her repeatedly, but the messages were not read. I called her phone repeatedly, without response. At this point, I grew slightly worried. But my sadness and aches prevented me from seeking further measures.

Few hours past, and the closing bell rang. Hannah still wasn’t back. Anxiety overwhelmed me, I feared something bad might have happened to Hannah. I was convinced she had no prior knowledge of Sarah‘s plot. Could she have met a more bitter consequence than me? I wondered within me. We’ll get to know in the next episode.😊


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