[Story] The Witch Handwriting; Episode 2

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Darihma didn’t bother about giving Natasha the ring, she always have misunderstanding with Natasha but Dinah always settles them. Dinah quickly reminded her to give Natasha the ring. She sluggishly brought out the ring from her bag and gave it to Natasha but Natasha refused to collect it saying her mum will be mad at her if she sees her with ring. She tried to persuade Natasha but she insisted so she gave up and put the ring in her bag.

After assembly during the first period the class teacher entered, Mrs. Tarma, the literature teacher. She annnouced that whoever doesn’t have the novel she asked us to buy should quietly leave the class. I and Natasha had the novel but Darihma did not have it so she was sent out of the class.

Dinah decided to ask Natasha why she had refused to collect the ring Darihma gave her “even though your mom will complain you would have just collected it and throw it. Now she’s feeling bad and she might not give you gifts another day ” Dinah said

She smiled and looked at me “who cares? That selfish girl give me gift then I will collect it politely. There is mystery behind that ring, I need no one to tell me beside putting ring on my hands might make guys to think I’m engaged ” she said playfully and Dinah almost boasted into laughter but she controlled myself and bend her head because Mrs. Tarma is a no nonsense teacher.

“so you are looking for husband at ss2 abi, you ain’t thinking about university and you are talking about mystery behind the ring…. Darihma can’t be a witch and if she happens to be, my blood is hotter in short I’m going to put on the ring because of what you just said….but that will be when I get…..”

“Dinah and Co come and kneel down here, I’m teaching you guys are busy making noise” the literature teacher Mrs. Tarma said, the whole class began to laugh…. I wonder what was funny…

Natasha and I walk to the front of the class and knelt down.


Darihma went straight to the school cafeteria to take lunch even though it was still morning, she couldn’t stand buying food for my friends. She always fake not to have money during lunch, Dinah who always feels sympathetic for her always pay for her lunch. Darihma couldn’t believe that Natasha who calls herself daughter of a pastor politely said no to my ring…”I’ll report her to the king if he couldn’t work on her then she’ll have to face our headmaster cause she’s such a stubborn girl”…



“just put on the ring let me see if it your size so that I’ll know what to do ” Darihma persudade Dinah after school hours.
“Don’t worry, you’ve given me already no collecting again so don’t worry about it ”.. Dinah replied
“okay if you say so, see you in the next world ” she said
“meaning? ” Dinah asked confused
“dream world na or won’t you dream of me? ” she asked and smiled mischievously.




Natasha got home and kept wondering why Darihma was angry with her for not accepting the ring. Natasha always knew Darihma was up to no good but not to that extent..

Natasha narrated everything that happened to her dad, he smiled “I knew it at once. This morning while you were on your way my spirit told me to pray for you over initiation and that’s it. She wants to initiate you” he said

Natasha breathed hard remembering she gave Dinah the ring, Dinah is a free girl who gives freely and also receives freely without thinking twice over anything. Natasha would always tell her to minimize her kindness towards people but she’d always insisted.
“what are you thinking about? ” her dad asked taking her unawares
“She gave another friend of mine” Natasha replied
“what? I need to see your friends but before I’ll do that, I’ll have to seek God’s face by prayer and fasting section ” He said

“Okay sir, I just pray she doesn’t put on the ring cause she kept it in her bag” I said

He smiled “So long as she has collected it, even if she tries to throw it away she’ll still want to test it. Their power are powerless power, we will conquer them but you must be careful ” he said

Natasha knew that she has to be extra careful cause of the way Darihma behaves.



It was time for Dinah to go and sleep then she remembered the beautiful ring Darihma gave her earlier in school. She ran to her bag and brought out the ring….

“It looks really good, I know it has cost her much to get the ring from her mother just because of me and Natasha but Natasha is just so annoying and straight forward at times”….Dinah thought

Dinah gently placed the ring on her middle finger, “I’m engaged of course, I’m engaged to Isreal” she said jokingly…

Israel is a new student in our class admired by all girls, although Dinah also crushing on him but nobody knew about it except Natasha & Darihma, who were her friends. Dinah kind attitude towards him might make him to know. She smiled and layed on her bed without removing it. Dinah was lost in thought thinking about Israel.


“welcome our queen ” a beautiful creature said to Dinah, the creature looks more like a fairy. Dinah blush hearing the creature calling her queen.

It stretches forth its hands, Dinah held it and followed it, she saw beautiful things and humans most of them bowing to her while some were singing but she wondered what happened to their legs. They look exactly like humans but they had tail like that of fish instead of legs…

“My king, here is the queen ” the fairy said to one of the humans who wore crown on his head…
“Of a truth she’s a queen and she is well recommended in any world cause of the great mark she has” he said trying to touch the mark at the right side of Dinah’s arm.

Dinah has a tattoo on her arms, her dad was the one who did it. Among all her siblings she’s the only one with that mark but she never knew it was a mystery.

Pride over took Dinah immediately the king bowed to her “you’re the real blood of Avoka ” he said, although she was confused but felt so happy.

“I’ve been favoured among all, my wife is a great woman ” he said referring to Dinah as his wife, she felt cold all over her body when she discovered he called her his wife. He moved close to Dinah and kissed her gently on her cheek…. He’s really romantic…. She thought to myself

“Promise me you’ll love me forever and I promise I’ll give you half of my kingdom ” he said

Dinah took a look around the whole place,  she was happy hearing half of it will be giving to her. So she did not hesitate in accepting his proposal…..

He was glad, he took Dinah to his private room where they made love together, later Dinah said she’d like to return back to her house. He frowned at her, Dinah cheered him up to allow her to go back so that she’ll finish her education before coming back to him but he insisted that someone might steal her heart away from him. With so much persuation he finally accepted that he’ll deal with whoever try to touch her.  She agreed and left without taking a second thought.


Dinah woke up immediately, sweating heavily, she couldn’t understand her body and felt weak. She decided to go to the bathroom then discovered she was wet, she became confused….”I hardly dream….I’ll tell Natasha my dream when I get to school on Monday” she said to myself.

Natasha is very good at interpreting dreams, its her gift. Dinah went back to my bed and slept off.



Early the next morning I woke up my younger sister “Dinah, you will have to go…Take this money for your school fee while this one for personal things ” I said while Dinah frowned.

I brought out another note “give this to mama for food stuff, tell her to pray for my marriage that I’m in trouble ” I added.

“Is that why you would have to send me home today? I want to stay all throughout the weekend ” Dinah said

“Sorry dear, I’ll not be at home that’s why and you know mama might feel lonely ” I said but Dinah kept frowning.

“Aunty, I had a terrible dream but I can’t recall what happened, all I know was that the dream was really terrible..truly I couldn’t remember the dream again, I would have write about the dream” Dinah said

“Don’t worry, pray that God should remind you ” I replied.


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